.22 Crimp Blanks
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.22 Crimp Blanks

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Acorn crimp blanks are for use in .22 caliber blank pistols. These particular crimp blanks are among the smallest, quietest of the .22 blanks sold at Lion Country Supply, and also use smokeless powder.

These .22 caliber crimp blanks are economically priced. The .22 crimp blanks are perfect for introducing pups and young dogs to gunfire.

Available in single 100 round cans or save money buying in bulk by ordering a sleeve of 10 cans of 1,000 rounds for $109.00.

Best partnered with one of the LCS .22 caliber starter pistols: 
The LCS .22 Caliber Starter Pistol (TP2)

The LCS Champion Blank Pistol (CP 22)


Will the acorn crimp blanks work in all .22 caliber blank pistols?
No. When using these blanks with the Alpha or Viper pistol, there is the potential for the pistol to jam if the cylinder is advanced when the pistol is not pointing down. 

Is the acorn crimp blanks used for track and field or sporting events?
We have heard that these can be used for practice but when having events, black powder blanks should be used. 

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.22 Crimp Blanks

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