Alfa Post Mange Shampoo
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Natural shampoo is necessary to keep your dogs coat and skin in healthy condition. Safe, soapless shampoo for dogs Alfa made and formulated with hydrating and conditioning ingredients such as aloe vera, SLS free coconut derived surfactants, minerals and vitamins. This natural shampoo, has no preservatives, parabens, SLS, or waxes. 

Safe shampoo for dogs Alfa will clean, deodorize, promote healing, and keep your dogs coat healthy, shiny and clean. 

All of us as dog owners, want our dogs to look good and have a healthy skin and coat. There are many dog shampoo with harsh chemicals, artificial additives and irritants. These chemical substances can either exacerbate a skin problem or contribute to a skin reaction affecting the immune system of your dog's skin. Suppressed immune system of your dog's skin is the main reason for Demodex mange - uncontrolled growth of demodex mites.

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Alfa Post Mange Shampoo

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