Dog Den
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The K-9 Kondo Dog Den 2 is a virtually indestructible dog house, trusted by kennel operators nationwide! Manufactured in the heart of Nebraska’s prairie grouse country from G90 zinc-plated steel and high-density UV treated vinyl. This house can handle up to a 110 lb. dog, who will enjoy his new sunning deck on the roof. The removable steel roof makes changing out bedding simple and is lined with 1 inch of insulating foam covered by the same easy to clean and durable vinyl that lines the house. The walls are insulated with ¾ inch of foam, keeping him cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The two-way swinging steel 12 in. x 15 in. kennel door seals in warmth, or you can use the locking pin to keep it open in the summer. K-9 Kondo has manufactured over 50,000 kennel doors and not one has ever been chewed. The lip on the door is 4 ½ inches up from the floor, providing plenty of room for bedding. You will never buy a plastic dog house again. The Dog Den 2 measures 22 in. long x 34 in. wide x 22 in. high and comes 90% assembled. The recommended support frame for the floor requires an 8 ft. piece of 2x4 lumber, which is not included.
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Dog Den

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