Dogs & Mites Medicated Anti Mange Hair Conditioner
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  • Therapeutic hair conditioner for dogs and puppies with demodex, hot spots, sarcoptic mange wounds, itchy and flaky skin.
  • Made with natural oils known for its anti demodex, soothing and healing properties, contains herbal extracts and vitamins.
  • While providing excellent benefits as regular hair conditioner, it effectively eliminates skin parasites. Stops the itch, soothes the skin and heals wounds.
  • Speeds up Anti Mange treatment, boosts post demodex recovery and leaves your pet smell good for days.
  • For best results and highest efficacy: ADD Dogs n Mites® Anti Mange Shampoo to eliminate skin parasites. ADD Dogs n Mites® Demodex Stain and Odor Remover to Eliminate Mites Left on Carpets, Dog Beds to Prevent Reinfection.
  • Item #: 14030

Dogs & Mites Medicated Anti Mange Hair Conditioner

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