Garmin Alpha 100 w/TT10 Track and Train Collar
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Combined GPS Dog Tracking and Remote Training System Garmin and Tri-Tronics technology in one collar!

The bundle package includes:
- Alpha 100 hand held preloaded with TOPO USA map
- Rechargeable Li-ion batteries
- Belt Clip
- Extended range antenna
- TT10 dog device with orange strap
- Charging clip
- Short and long contact points with wrench
- Non-stim plug
- AC adaptor
- Vehicle power cable
- Split adaptor cable
- USB cable
- Field Bag
- Owner's manual
- Quick reference guide
- One year warranty 

Here it is! A Garmin GPS dog tracking system and a Tritronics remote training collar built into one system and controlled from a single handheld! The Alpha 100 has every feature you hoped for and none were left out! Up to nine mile range with both the GPS and the remote training collar. No longer will distance or severe terrain interrupt your ability to correct your dog when necessary. Garmin has included the highly detailed 100K topo map in the Alpha 100 resulting in your map screen showing every dirt road, creek, pipeline, and terrain changes. Not only can you see you and your dog's location, you can also mark the location of your truck and new - you can even see the location of other Alpha users in your hunting party. NOTE - you cannot program Garmin Astro DC30 or DC40 collars to the Alpha.


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Garmin Alpha 100 w/TT10 Track and Train Collar

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