Garmin Astro 320 w/DC50 Collar
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Garmin has done it again with the DC50! Finally the GPS dog tracking e-collar we have been waiting for! The Garmin DC 50 collar incorporates the best parts of the last 3 collar designs including the TT10 Alpha collar. The DC50 looks very similar to the TT10 without the contact points! The GPS receiver antenna is at the top of the dog's neck like the DC30!

The Garmin DC-50 relays the dog's position to the Astro 320 handheld.. You can track up to 10 dogs on a single system. Add additional DC-50s as needed. The Astro DC50 is a Dog GPS tracking collar only.

  • New Features of the Astro DC-50 Collar
  • Top-mounted GPS collar antenna gives you better, faster GPS tracking
  • Rugged braided-steel antenna.
  • Increased battery time
  • Swap collar with any 1in collar strap!
  • One piece charger unit 
  • Dog rescue mode which starts at 25% battery life
  • Bark detection mode
  • Live laptop tracking through basecamp
  • USB Port for software updates and exporting data


The Garmin Astro is easily the best tracking system in the sporting dog market.  The collar receives an upgrade with the DC50 collar – a new and improved GPS dog tracking collar. The DC50 features a top mounted high-sensitivity GPS antenna to improve position performance. A braided steel VHF antenna, with additional length, reliably sends the dog’s position data straight to your Astro 320 handheld. As an added bonus, the DC50 will now incorporate innovative bark identification technology so that dog owners will know if the dog is barking even if they are out of audible range. This waterproof (up to 10m), rugged and reliable tracking collar has a range of up to 9 miles, delivering the dogs position as often as every 5 seconds. Plus, it can track up to 10 dogs at the same time (with purchase of additional DC units) on one Astro 320 handheld, and features a long-lasting rechargeable, replaceable battery with rescue mode to prolong the battery life. 

The Garmin DC50, when sold separately, ships with a durable 1in blue polyurethane adjustable collar strap that fits most dogs. When sold as a bundle with the Astro 320, a 1in orange polyurethane adjustable collar strap is included. Additional replacement collar straps are also available in multiple colors (sold separately). The DC 50 will only work with the Astro 320 handheld – it is NOT compatible with the Alpha or Astro 220.

Key Features of the Garmin DC50

  • Top mounted high-sensitivity, GLONASS-enabled GPS receiver
  • Steel VHF antenna provides 9 mile range
  • Bark Detection – Astro 320 handheld indicates dog’s barks
  • Supports 10 dogs – can track up to 10 dogs with one Astro320 handheld device (with purchase of additional DC units)
  • Dog position updates every 5, 10, 30, or 120 seconds
  • Replaceable collar straps – durable polyurethane-coated nylon with nickel-plated square buckle and collar keeper - Accessory dog device (DC50 sold as standalone) ships with a blue collar strap; Bundled dog devices Astro 320 / DC50 ships with orange collar strap
  • Collar strap size: 27in long; 1in wide
  • Rugged and waterproof to 10 m (33 ft)
  • Battery is a rechargeable, replaceable Lithium-ion (Life TBD) - Rescue Mode to prolong the battery life
  • Compatible with Astro 320 handheld (requires current Astro320 users to download free software update to their handheld before using with DC50)
  • Item #: 10476

Garmin Astro 320 w/DC50 Collar

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