LCS Chain Gang
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The LCS Chain Gang is a must-have stake out system for participants in hunt tests and field trials, providing the capability of staking out 2-6 dogs and avoiding tangles. It is perfect for younger dogs watching more experienced dogs train, or to keep the dogs controlled outdoors at hunting camp.


Steel swing chain and fasteners with brass collar snaps. The main chain provides 5.6 feet of room in between dogs, with an individual dog chain of 16 inches from the main chain to the collar snaps. There are 18 inches of main chain from the connection with the end dog’s individual chain to the steel stakeout loops that are at each end of the LCS Chain Gang.


Two 14 inch long and .5 inch diameter steel stakes come with the LCS Chain Gang, which are suited for dense soil, clay and rocky areas. If you plan on using the LCS Chain Gang in loose soil, gravel, or sandy areas, we recommend purchasing the Heavier Longer Stakes which measure 24 inches long and .75 inches in diameter Heaver Long Stakes.

Just add a metal mallet or small sledgehammer and you’ll have all you need to stake out 2-6 dogs in any situation. Please specify the number of dogs when ordering.

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LCS Chain Gang

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