LCS Day-Glo Tree Tie Lead
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The LCS Day-Glo Tree Tie Lead is constructed with the same heavy gauge 1 in. wide nylon as our Day-Glo Collars, then coated in a thick layer of polyurethane to prevent fraying and soiling. Brass swivel snaps on each end, with a floating steel O-Ring and rivets on the handle. It can either be used as a normal 48 in. leash or easily secured to a tree, post, truck hitch ball or any other fixed object by attaching the swivel snap on the handle to the floating O-Ring. You can even go hands-free and attach the dog to yourself by putting it on like a belt. Made in blaze orange especially for hunt tests, field trials or around the hunting camp, the LCS Day-Glo Tree Tie Lead lasts for years. For an additional $1.50, add a brass name plate so everyone knows that it is yours. 

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LCS Day-Glo Tree Tie Lead

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