LCS Pro's Choice Leather Collar
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The LCS Pro’s Choice 1 inch Leather Collar combines rugged durability, distinguished style and an affordable price! Leather collars don’t pull, spin or tangle like nylon and look great out on the town. We found high quality bridle leather and use two richly tanned pieces stitched together so that the finished side of the leather is both on the outside and on the inside next to the dog’s neck. It is double stitched at the stress points with all nickel hardware. These collars are able to handle extensive water exposure and won’t crack, fade or get stiff even after years of wear. Keep it like new by an occasional wash with saddle soap, then conditioning with neatsfoot oil or other leather conditioner. Makes a great gift! Available in D-ring or O-ring styles and either field tan or deep mahogany color, please select when ordering. Add a brass name plate for peace of mind. 

Please choose the proper length when ordering, available in 15 in., 17 in., 19 in. and 21 in.

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LCS Pro's Choice Leather Collar

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