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Best Friend!

There’s nothing like the friendship of a good dog. Always there for you, your pup never complains or nags at you, just shows you the kind of love you need. Show your best friend the same love in return by signing up for The Muddy Paws Pack. 

Every month receive a package of premium sporting dog gear, training accessories, and other products from Mud River, Boyt Harness, Bob Allen and Outdoor Connection designed just for dogs and their favorite hunting partner. Here’s how it works.


Select the 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pack option.


Fill out key information about your dog and your hunting style, which will be used to customize your pack. Provide your address and pay for your subscription.


Watch for wagging tails at the front door when your first pack of awesome dog gear and other quality hunting products arrives.


Show your hunting companion how much they mean to you. Join The Muddy Paws Pack and get quality sporting dog gear delivered to your door each month. Your dog will appreciate having hunting gear designed specifically for their needs.

To join the Pack, simply pick the subscription option that works best for you and your dog.


Know another dog that should be receiving The Muddy Paws Pack? You can purchase gift subscriptions for a grand pup or a friend’s hunting companion. Simply pick a Pack and fill in the dog’s home address information.

Frequently asked QUESTIONS

What is The Muddy Paws Pack?

Every dog will be begging to be a part of the Muddy Paws Pack! Each month a box will arrive with quality gear for your dog and their favorite hunting partner.

How do I purchase a subscription?

Follow the easy 1-2-3 steps.

When will I be billed for my Muddy Paws Pack?

You will be billed for your subscription immediately.

Does the subscription price include shipping fees?

Yes, shipping is included in your fee.

When will the first pack ship?

For example, your January subscription will ship at the end of January, and each following month will ship the second Wednesday of each month.

When will the bonus gift ship?

These will ship out immediately.

What products will I receive each month?

You will receive a variety of quality sporting dog products and hunting gear from Mud River, Boyt Harness, Bob Allen and Outdoor Connection picked just for you.

How do I upgrade my subscription to additional months?

At the end of your current subscription, you can then purchase additional packs.

How is the pack shipped each month?

The Pack will be shipped by UPS or USPS each month.

Can I track the shipping on my pack?

Yes, you will receive an email with tracking information when your Pack ships.

How do I purchase a gift subscription?

You place an order for a gift card online. Your gift recipient will then customize their Muddy Paws Pack for their pup.

What if the recipient is already a subscriber?

The subscriber will receive an email notifying them that their Pack subscription will be extended.

When will the recipient receive the gift I purchased?

The gift will be sent the second Wednesday of the month after their order is received.

What happens when my subscription ends?

You will receive an email reminding you to renew your subscription.

What if I don’t like a product in the pack?

Let us know why and all reasonable requests will be made right.

What if my pack arrived damaged?

Send a picture of the damaged product to so we can help make it right.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You subscription does not automatically renew, so once your current pack is up, you can opt not to renew.

How do I contact someone?

We would love to help answer your questions. Drop us a line at or call us at 916-296-1200.

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Muddy Paws Pack Gift

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