Roof Seat Brake
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Roof seat brakes are built for pairs or team use – based around original designs to keep them looking as traditional as possible. Brakes were traditionally used by the more affluent house holds as a means of transport – they were also used for day trips used in conjunction with the house holds private coach and both would have been commonly seen at bird dog field trials and horse races where the owners and guests would sit on the carriage for a good vantage point for watching the racing. Our roof seat brakes can be built with either 3 or 4 rows of seats or back to back style center seating.  These carriages feature a large drop down boot at the rear that can have spares drawers built in. The inside of the body may be accessed from the front or via the louvered door on the side.

Common features:

  • Large drivers box seat with drivers wedge cushion.
  • Traditional pull on block brake.
  • Leather whip holder.
  • Traditional roller bolt, for traces to attach to.
  • Fold down lazy back rests or fully removable ones
  • Can have iron shod wheels or rubber tyres
  • Drop down back with spares drawers – (bottle holder and glasses in rear draw – optional extra).
  • Spare leader bars attached to back of seat
  • Umbrella holder.
  • Large lamp brackets.
  • Steps on the side to get up.
  • Leather grab handles 
  • Hub brakes operated by foot pedal 

Roof seat brakes come complete witha pole for pairs use – team brakes come with both a pole and leader bars.

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Roof Seat Brake

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