SPORTDOG TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking System
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SportDOG Brand’s new TEK Series provides GPS tracking and training versatility like you’ve never had before. The TEK 1.0 GPS tracking collar offers hunters the ability to get an instant fix on up to 12 dogs' locations all the way out to 7 miles with just a glance at the compact handheld device.

This system is perfect for those that run hounds for predator or varmint hunting, beagles for rabbits, or all dogs used for upland birds.

The Collar Receiver features SportDOG Brand's DRYTEK® design, so it is waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet. The handheld is waterproof and submersible up to 5 feet.

The handheld remote receives your location from its built-in GPS antenna and receives location updates from the GPS antenna mounted on the collar to track the location of your dog. The handheld’s backlit liquid crystal display is scalable from 100 yards to 75 miles in diameter, provides multiple-waypoint capabilities, and even tells you when a dog is on point or treed.

Whether you need to keep control of a long chase, keep track of where that chase is going, or have the ability to do both, you’ve got everything you could possibly need to locate and control your dog in one compact and well-designed handheld unit. - See more at:

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SPORTDOG TEK 1.0 GPS Tracking System

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