Shively MMXtreem
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  • Lightweight
  • Softer and deeper
  • Handmade in Walsall, England by Barnsby

Detailed Description:
The premier saddle of the saddle seat industry! This saddle has all the newest improvements in Lillian Shively's legendary saddle design.  The MMXTREEM is built on a technologically advanced carbon fibre tree which provides an incredibly strong, safe, and very lightweight saddle. The panels are designed with a slightly heavier and softer shock-absorbing foam for better weight bearing and comfort for the horse. And the much closer fit of the carbon fibre tree maximizes the comfort of the horse making him more willing to perform. The seat is softer and designed to sit a little deeper at the rear and combined with the renowned sticky leather, the MMXTREEM affords a superior secure position for the rider. Handmade in Walsall, England by Barnsby's master craftsmen. Available in rich, dark, Havana brown leather in seat sizes 19", 20", 21" and 22" complete with a signature saddle cover and complimentary brass saddle nameplate. One Year Manufacturers Warranty.  

Size: 19", 20", 21" or  22". 

Colors: Havana. 

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Shively MMXtreem

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