Spill-proof Buddy Bowl Dog Waterer
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The Spill-proof Buddy Bowl Dog Waterer is the perfect dog water bowl to take to hunt tests or field trials, as the name says, it is completely spill-proof.  It is small enough to fit in a crate or dog box with the dog while traveling in the heat, which is great for early season hunts or summer training trips.  It is even great around the house with its patented design childproofing the water, making it impossible for babies drown in or dump out. Keeps long Basset Hound ears dry and makes bearded dogs such as griffons and wirehairs less messy.  In the kennel run, it deters bugs and birds from getting into the water.  The bowl comes apart for easy cleaning and has 3 pieces: the bottom bowl, a funnel and the spill-proof lid.  

Made in the USA from BPA-free kitchen grade plastic.


Available in two sizes: Small - 32oz, Large - 64oz.   

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Spill-proof Buddy Bowl Dog Waterer

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