Stainless Kennel Water Pail
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The Stainless Kennel Pail is constructed from professional kitchen grade stainless steel, making it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The heavy gauge hardware and handle allow this bucket to be wired or hooked to a kennel run fence or wall bracket to prevent spilling. The 2 quart (1/2 gallon) would make an excellent dog food scoop or dish. The 6 quart (1 ½ gallons) is the perfect water pail for the kennel with one or two dogs watered daily or an extra-large food dish. Need a super-sized pail for hauling and holding dog food and water? Try the 9 quart (2 ¼ gallon) or 13 quart (3 ¼ gallon) sizes. Completely rust and chew proof for many years of reliable use.

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Stainless Kennel Water Pail

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