Two Barrel Double Seat Cover
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The Mud River team spends countless hours with our dogs in the field and traveling to and from events. This probably comes as no surprise, but we do not always have our dogs in a kennel. We designed the 2 Barrel not only as an alternative travel option for our friends but to keep your vehicle clean from dirty dogs, muddy boots, or hunting buddies. Brown.

• The two sided utility mat comes with one side covered in double-stitched durable canvas and the other covered in 410 Nylon (Orange).
• We filled the mat with MicroLite2 insulation to assure your friend travels in comfort
• 2 adjustable straps allow one to manipulate mat for usage in almost ANY vehicle
• Cleaning and care made easy- just spray or wipe off with water and lay out to allow for self drying
• Utility mat is 68"L to ensure your floor is also protected from mud, dirt, and debris
• Dimensions: 68"L x 56"W

Regular - 56" x 68"
X-Large - 68" x 68"

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Two Barrel Double Seat Cover

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