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FieldTrial.com is a product and service supplier to sporting dog owners in North America.    We are in business to support Field Trial enthusiasts.    If you are interested in getting involved in Field Trials then contact your local club today.   Below is a partial list of Field Trial Assocations that can help you and your dog participate.   

The North American Gun Dog Association (NAGDA) is a non profit corporation of members who are dedicated to promoting bird hunting activities for its members and their dogs at host clubs
North American Tournament Hunting Association - NATHA Tournament Hunting Field Trial
North American Tournament Hunting Association
North American Tournament Hunting Association (NATHA) Now in its 21st year, NATHA is the longest running competition circuit in the game of tournament hunting. Dedicated to promoting and staging tournament hunting competitions, NATHA offers opportunities for a wide variety of individuals and businesses including sponsors, preserve operators, judges and competitors. Over $100,000 is paid to NATHA competitors throughout the year.
National Bird Dog Challenge Association
The National Bird Dog Challenge Association was founded for the sole purpose of bringing together men, women and children who share a mutual love for bird dogs, upland game bird hunting and the preservation of the sport. With this in mind the NBDCA has designed a series of challenges that will test both you and your dog.
Amateur Field Trial Club Association
The Amateur Field Trial Clubs of America, Inc. celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1992, having been established on May 19, 1917, with five member clubs. The object of the corporation is to restore and perpetuate wild Upland Game Birds, increase interest in and knowledge of such, and to promote, regulate, control, advise, and conduct field trials on Upland Game Birds
Colorado Upland Dream Bird Dog Trial Series
A group of us have put together a new trial series. Upland Dream Series is what these events will be known as. The reason for this is that we don’t have any kind of trial series that a competitor has a chance to win their entry fees back much less gas, food, lodging etc... These trials are meant for tough competition with a great payout at each and every event. We are not an organization and don’t plan on being one. The entry fees are all staying with the competitor and the host club. 
National Shoot to Retrieve Association
Shoot-To-Retrieve was founded by sportsmen with a common goal-the enjoyment of their pointing dogs. These men were hunters, field trialers and men who just enjoyed being in the field with their dogs. What they wanted to do was extend the normal open hunting season from a few weeks to a longer period of time. A common goal was seen, and the National Association was born to foster the growth of walking style, quality type trials for all of the pointing breeds.
North American Hunting Retriever Association
The NAHRA concept is based solely on simulating real hunting situations, both upland hunting and waterfowling. Tests are designed to simulate a day's hunting afield. Each test must be carefully thought out with a specific goal in mind, based upon a hunting scenario. It must be realized that some participants may not be experienced hunters; consequently, the judge shall explain in detail the hunting scenario, the object of each test and the expected performance of the dogs. 
U.S. Complete Shooting Dog Association
The U.S. Complete is a walking shooting dog association with a recognized National Championship, Regional Championships, Classics, a Futurity, and many weekend trials. An organization you can be proud to associate with. U.S. Complete handlers field top shooting dogs you would like to add to your breeding program. If you like top competition and a trophy that means something, the U.S. Complete invites you to join us at the starting line. The U.S. Complete trial has a family atmosphere you and y
American Kennel Club
The American Kennel Society is dedicated to dog owners around the country and their loved ones. They are an ative member in the legislation in laws involving dogs and their owners
Canadian Kennel Club
The Canadian Kennel Club, with the support of its 25,000 dedicated members, is a dynamic non-profit, national service organization focused on the promotion and advancement of purebred dogs in Canada
Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series
The Wisconsin Championship Hunting Series is designed to give the hunter and dog some off-season action. There is a division for every breed & ability - from puppy to seasoned professional - pointer or flusher. Team up with a partner in the Open, Amateur and Puppy divisions, or go solo in Top Gun. Whichever you decide, you can count on safety and hunter ethics being first priority!
National Bird Hunters Association
National Bird Hunters Association
Illinois Upland Series
Illinois Upland Series
National Upland Classic Series-Dog of the Year
National Upland Classic Series-Dog of the Year
Pheasant Hunters Unlimited
Pheasant Hunters Unlimited hosts 6 pheasant trials a year in 4 different states. We hold a trial on the 2nd weekend of each month starting in October and our Nationals are in March. Our rules, dates and locations are listed on our web page. www.phuhunt.com